Q & A FAQ about The Bohemian Celt...Andy Van Scoyoc...

The Bohemian Celt - Andy Van Scoyoc

All you could ever want to know about me. Or… FAQ about me.

Fact 1…

You'll NEVER hear me say or refer to myself as a practicing Witch or that I've been into the “craft” for any amount of time... because I haven't.

I was born a Witch. I didn't “become” a Witch after reading a book, picking up a fad or seeing a certain movie.

My mother is a Country Witch (Natural Witch/Cottage Witch you've also heard them called), her mother was, as was her mother, and on down the line as far as I can go.

Every woman in my mother's mother's line has always had an ingrained, unexplainable ability to know things, know how to do things, manipulate nature...and arcane knowledge that most people just don't have, nor should they.

As do I...though MY knowledge differs from my mother's. She's a skilled, natural healer. I have to work at it. She's also a natural Nature Witch. She can take seeds, throw them in her yard and have a farm of delicious veggies spring up, with NO effort on her part.

Same with plants and flowers.

I have a TOTAL black thumb and kill every plant I touch...food or decorative.

But... I also inherited something from my father...a little known ability in his bloodline that I had to research to find out.

No one will talk about it.

I've always had part of my heart and soul cloaked in darkness, meaning I can (but no longer do) and have, in the past, effectively cursed those who crossed me.

My mother's family would never do such a thing. I don't believe in “retribution” or spells/curses “rebounding” and coming back on me, so in time's past, I've cursed, at will, gleefully, exuberantly and with every force in my body...and never “paid” for it, nor ever think I will.

If I wanted a Boogeyman, I'd be Wiccan, or better yet, believe in the god/Jesus of the Bible that will “get you” if you're bad.

I've tossed God’s name about (I don't believe in an actual God... I use that term to describe the magic...the cosmic forces I believe are in play. NOT some man on a cloud) and the Bible, like any other historical book, is filled with beauty, horror and some hella good stories, so I'll quote it too.

I feel the same way about Greek Mythology. LOVE it. Don't believe a word of it...except for the historical aspects of it.

Now...back to my curses. They've ALWAYS worked. Maybe not exactly as I wished...but well enough to satisfy me.

I no longer do so (IF I were that type of person...the kind to take advantage of others, I could be rich. I had people begging to hire me) but always wondered where that black heartedness in me came from.

I discovered that my father's line is descended from Sorcery.

Mystery solved.

But...I also use the term “Witch” loosely, as well, because I don't, won't, never have and never will follow any type of spell book written by someone else.

That's an affront and personal offense to me, my heritage and my code.

I had a book on Witchcraft on the market, once. It made me loads of money...but people also hated it. It appears the view of a Hereditary Witch, compared to the Hollywood pomp and role play of what Witchcraft has become, wasn't popular.

After a few years, I had it pulled.

Part of what I attacked in my book, was candle magic. I know and understand candle magic and think it's a joke.

Your intent is what counts...not colored wax.

Herbs and crystals I feel differently about because they aren't man-made.

Anyway... because I don't go all out for what I feel has become LARPing (Live Action Role Play) in Witchcraft, rituals...WHEN/IF I perform ceremonies/rites and rituals, at all, it's MY way, with whatever I have.

I don't follow moon phases unless someone reminds me (I think it's fascinating...just not interested) or anything else garden variety “Witchy,” so...I prefer to refer to myself as a Wise Woman...in homage to my mother's heritage (preferring to leave my dad's treacherous ancestry as simply a cherished footnote of my DNA) and the blessed work I do now...rather than the chaos and destruction I once relished.

But...refer to your heritage as a Wise Woman and let the blank stares begin.

So...you'll hear me - often - refer to myself as a Witch.

But...now, with a gentler spirit.