Wise Woman Lessons...

As those of you who follow my Ministry page on Facebook, The Cup, Cat and Cauldron, I've been posting folklore/Wise worker spells, etc from an excellent book I found at an estate sale, on Pennsylvania Dutch Folklore.

I'm going to start posting the daily lessons here, as well. To catch up on past lessons, simply like The Cup, Cat and Cauldron page on Facebook.

You can find the link on the Covens tab on this site.

Now...on to the lesson and enjoy!

Wise Woman Lesson: Pow Wow Series continuing with Albertus Magnus...

Witch's Note: This one is pretty funny...and I'd love to know if it actually worked for someone that convinced them so unwaveringly, that it ended up in this book.

To keep horses or cows from being haunted: 

Take the LEFT hand glove of a woman with rheumatism in her RIGHT arm and soak it in fresh water, then have the animals drink from it.